General Information


  • There are 3 days available for you to dive on, Sun 23 September 2018, Wed 26 September 2018 and Fri 28 September 2018.
  • Depending on your selection, the system will automatically calculate your total for the dives based on the cost of the dive set that you have chosen.
  Early Bird Rated (Until March 31st 2018) Late Registration Fees (From April 1st 2018)
Members 9400ZAR 12700ZAR
Non-Members 12000ZAR 16000ZAR
Nurses/Technicians/Students 8000ZAR 10000ZAR
Spouses 3000ZAR 4700ZAR


Dive Set A - ZAR2375 Dive Set B - ZAR2375 Dive Set C - ZAR3645
One Wreck Dive One Ragged-Tooth Shark Dive One Baited Shark Dive (Open Sea 10-15m)
One Reef Dive One Reef Dive One Reef Dive